Where else can you find a better mix of nature, entertainment, and business than Westfield, Wisconsin? It has some of the most pristine and purely beautiful places in all of south-central Wisconsin, as well as some of the most fun and exciting. Every type of visitor can find something they like about our wonderful town.

Hikers, cyclists, and cross-country skiers will find many trails surrounding the region just what they need to travel the great outdoors. There are hundreds of trails dotting the region as well as the showcase of the natural beauty provided by the historic Wisconsin Ice Age trail. Those looking to view the beauty of nature do not have far to go!

For those that love the elegant flight of birds, naturalists, enthusiasts and even casual citizens can enjoy a rainbow of bird varieties throughout the region. Species in the region include Canadian geese, one of the largest congregations of the once-endangered Great Sandhill cranes in the Midwest, and tundra swans who are as beautiful as they are loud. Another bird you will usually hear before you see is the pileated woodpecker which is uncommon in most other areas of Wisconsin. Pheasants, ruffed grouse, woodcock, and quail can be found rustling though our many grass and marshlands. Wild turkeys can be heard gobbling all over the region as well the beautiful flights of the turkey vultures, “black hawks” to the Native Americans. The assortment of birds in the region could keep any enthusiast busy for weeks!

Hunters and people who like to fish will enjoy Westfield for its abundance of areas to roam to find the best places for their catch. There are over 6,000 acres of public hunting grounds in the surrounding area where hunters can find a large array of animals. These animals include one of the best whitetail deer herds in Wisconsin, red and gray foxes, fox and ground squirrels, cottontail rabbits, grouse, raccoons, coyotes, woodcock, wild turkeys, pheasant, quail, ducks, and over two thousand Canadian geese in season. For those that prefer their catch of a wetter variety, the region also includes various lakes and ponds that are connected by sparkling spring-fed trout streams. Here you can find some of the most wide-ranging and fruitful fishing spots in the Midwest. There is always something for the sportsman to catch in Westfield!

People looking for entertainment in the area have no problem finding what they need. For those looking to hit or swing a ball, the area provides two golf courses both of the professional and miniature variety as well as many bowling centers. Those looking for the thrill of the bargain cannot go wrong with Westfield”s flea markets; antique shops; Amish furniture stores; craft stores; and various collectible, novelty, and memorable gift shops. To fuel up for all of these activities, there are many restaurants, grills, supper clubs, sandwich shops that fit a variety of menus, even some which serve wild game and domestic fowl.

There is something for everyone in Westfield! So, come check us out and find out what you are missing. We would love to see you there!